HRB RC Lipo Battery 2S 3S 4S 6S 11.1v 2200mah 22.2v 6000mah 1300mah 1500mah 2600mah 3300mah 4000mah 4200mah XT60-T Deans plug


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215155115 bag
2S 2200mah 50C trx
2S 2600mah 30C ec2
2S 5200mah 50C TH
2S 6000mah 60C XT60
3S 1300mah 90C xt60
3S 1500mah 65C xt60
3S 2200mah 30C T
3S 2200mah 30C xt60
3S 3000mah 60C T
3S 3000mah 60c xt60
3S 4000mah 60c T
3S 4000mah 60c xt60
3S 6000mah 50c T
3S 6000mah 50c T-h
3S 6000mah 50c xt60
4S 1300mah 90C XT60
4S 1500mah 100C XT60
4S 1500mah 65C XT60
4S 2200mah 30c XT60
4S 3300mah 60C xt60
4s 4000mah 60C T
4S 4000mah 60C XT60
4S 6000mah 50C T
4S 6000mah 50C XT60
6S 1800mah 50C XT60
6S 3300mah 60C T
6S 3300mah 60C XT60
6s 4000mah 60C EC5
6s 4000mah 60C XT90
6S 6000mah 50C T
6S 6000mah 50C XT60
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Russian Federation
United Kingdom
United States
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  • Brand Name: hrb
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Material: lithium battery
  • Tool Supplies: Battery
  • Upgrade Parts/Accessories: Lithium Battery
  • RC Parts & Accs: Batteries – LiPo
  • Size: See Description
  • Use: Vehicles & Remote Control Toys
  • Technical parameters: KV1100
  • Model Number: See Description
  • Remote Control Peripherals/Devices: Battery
  • For Vehicle Type: Cars
  • Four-wheel Drive Attributes: Battery
  • Wheelbase: Screws

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215155115 bag, 2S 2200mah 50C trx, 2S 2600mah 30C ec2, 2S 5200mah 50C TH, 2S 6000mah 60C XT60, 3S 1300mah 90C xt60, 3S 1500mah 65C xt60, 3S 2200mah 30C T, 3S 2200mah 30C xt60, 3S 3000mah 60C T, 3S 3000mah 60c xt60, 3S 4000mah 60c T, 3S 4000mah 60c xt60, 3S 6000mah 50c T, 3S 6000mah 50c T-h, 3S 6000mah 50c xt60, 4S 1300mah 90C XT60, 4S 1500mah 100C XT60, 4S 1500mah 65C XT60, 4S 2200mah 30c XT60, 4S 3300mah 60C xt60, 4s 4000mah 60C T, 4S 4000mah 60C XT60, 4S 6000mah 50C T, 4S 6000mah 50C XT60, 6S 1800mah 50C XT60, 6S 3300mah 60C T, 6S 3300mah 60C XT60, 6s 4000mah 60C EC5, 6s 4000mah 60C XT90, 6S 6000mah 50C T, 6S 6000mah 50C XT60

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Belgium, China, France, GERMANY, Russian Federation, SPAIN, United Kingdom, United States


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